Spoke Type Compression Force Sensor



KWT1D118 series has big rated load can be choosen, including 20kN, 30kN and 50kN. The rated load can be customized if the customer has other requirements about range.
This kind of load cell meets most application scenes, also the disassembly and installation of it is convenient and fast.The inner hubs have M24 × 1.5 fine thread holes, which are convenient for loading or connecting with the test structure.
KWT1D118 has characteristic of high precission. It also has good siffness that disaplacement≤0.02mm.
KWT1D118 has a large safety overload. In the 150% rated load range, the sensor performance will not be affected, but it cannot be used for a long time. In the 200% rated load range, the performance of the sensor will be affected, but the sensor will not break and will not causing safety hazards.
It has good temperature adaptability and can work normally at-10 °C ~ 80 °C. The temperature compensation range of the sensor is 0 °C ~ 60 °C when it will leave factory. If the customer has other needs, it can be adjusted according to the customer ‘s needs.
The outlet end of the sensor adopts the design of anti-bending flange head, which increases the usage life of the sensor in the harsh industrial test environment.

Why Kunwei’s load cell is better than other brand ?

1)  Metal materials for Kunwei’s sensor : we can provide 3 materials for our clients , like Alloy steel, stainless steel and aluminum. For example , if use stainless steel , lots of sensor in the market is use materials as 2Cr13 , but Kunwei’s materials is 17-4PH. it can make our products overloading capacity higher than most products in the market.

2) Better Strain gauge used in our load sensor. As the core component of sensors, the performance of strain gauges is also very important. Due to differences in materials and manufacturing processes, there are significant differences in the performance and price of products of the same specifications. We all use top brand strain gauges to ensure product performance. At the same time, the number of strain gauges for each product has been increased from 4 to 8. Ensure that the sensor is highly sensitive.

3)Military level production processes and quality control. The production of a sensor requires about 30 production processes. Kunwei’s sensors strictly implement all processes. The process is progressiveness and scientific, and each process can be traced to ensure that every product to customers is of high quality.

4) Advanced sensor calibration and inspection equipment with high precision.

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Spoke Type Force Sensor For Weighing Scale System
Spoke Type Force Sensor For Weighing Scale System


Model of KWT1D118



Our load cell can provide sulotions for different application, like automotive weighting appication , Fitness exercise solution ,Automated application,Smart home solutions , Body fat scale solution, Vending machine solution and so on. if your company has a certain R & D and innovation ability and hopes to share the feast of the future smart market. If you want to rapidly upgrade and occupy the market, please choose Kunwei, we will bring your customers and products a different experience! 


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