¡La tecnología Kunwei ganó el premio al socio ecológico más valioso de AUBO Robot!

On February 11th, 2023, Kunwei Technology, as the representative of the 2022 ecological cooperation, was invited to attend the 2023 “Innovation, Empowerment, Gathering and Win-win” Ecological Partner Conference with the theme of AUBO Intelligence. And won the  “Most Valuable Ecological Partner Award”.


Montaje de riel de superficie curva

The surface track fitting scene of Kunwei KWR75 series sensor was demonstrated on site. Grinding based on Kunwei six-axis torque sensor can ensure constant positive pressure and grinding force during the grinding process. The self-adaptation of complex curved surface grinding paths can be realized through force feedback, avoiding the tedious work of surface path programming.

Constant Force Grinding


At the same time, the constant force grinding precision of Kunwei KWR75 force sensor also surprised everyone.


Zero Force Dragging

Ease of use is the “soft” strength of the collaborative robotic arm, which is directly related to the user’s threshold, experience and cooperation. The use of Kunwei six-dimensional force sensor for collaborative robots can greatly improve the safety, ease of use, and flexibility of robots, and contribute to the development of intelligent collaborative robots.


Compared with current feedback, the dragging indication based on the Kunwei six-axis force sensor feels softer, the robot responds more sensitively, and the position teaching is more accuracy, which greatly improves the user experience.

Speech by Kunwei CTO

Yuan Minglun, CTO of Kunwei (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. delivered a speech and shared that Kunwei has developed and mass-produced robot force sensor products with excellent performance and reliable quality. Significantly reduce the price of force sensor and provide cost-effective force sensor products for the robot industry.

Kunwei Technology is committed to providing professional force measurement solutions and related products to the fields of robots and other intelligent equipment, industrial process monitoring, product quality inspection, scientific research testing and measurement and so on. Among them, the six-axis force sensor for robots is Kunwei Technology’s Core Products.

In the process of ecological cooperation, we will also provide customized services according to customer needs and industry standards.

Kunwei customized F/T sensor applied to orthopedic surgery robot


That night, AUBO’s 2022 “Most Valuable Ecological Partner Award” was announced! Kunwei Technology has successfully won awards for its many innovative explorations and achievements in technology and products. This is also the second time that Kunwei Technology has won the industry’s annual award after the Golden Globe Award of Gaogong, which demonstrates the industry’s affirmation of Kunwei Technology.

China is the largest cooperative robot market in the world and has formed a complete industrial chain of cooperative robots. In the future, Kunwei Technology will also fulfill its mission, continue to develop high-precision force control technology, join in more ecological plans, and jointly help the “intelligence” of collaborative robots.


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