Portable 1D Dual Force Plates


  • Digital dual board package, left and right sides are analyzed separately.
  • Sensor response surface optimization design.
  • High accuracy, high precision, high sampling frequency.
  • High precision multi-channel embedded data processing system.
  • Support video synchronization feedback.
  • Support external synchronous triggering.
  • Modular testing, one click report generation.
  • Move conveniently and use flexibly. 

Advantages and applications of one axis force plates:

One axis force plates are widely used in sports science and biomechanics research. They provide a great number of advantages over other force measurement devices, which make them ideal for certain applications.

Firstly, one-axis force plates are cost-effective and easy to use. They are simple in design and can be calibrated easily. This means that they can be used by researchers and coaches who may not have access to more expensive equipment, such as three-dimensional force platforms.

Secondly, one-axis force plates are lightweight and portable. This means that they can be easily transported to different locations, making them ideal for field measurements or for use in mobile research labs. This is particularly useful in sports like athletics and gymnastics where measurements need to be taken in different environments.

Thirdly, one-axis force plates are ideal for measuring vertical ground reaction forces (GRFs). This is important in many sports, such as running, jumping or weightlifting, and understanding the vertical component of force can help researchers and coaches to optimize training programs and improve performance.

Finally, one-axis force plates can be an effective tool for assessing the effectiveness of rehabilitation programs or evaluating the biomechanics of movement patterns.

In conclusion, 1D dual force plates are useful tools in many applications. Their simplicity, portability, and ability to measure vertical GRFs make them a viable alternative to more expensive equipment. They have been used extensively in sports science and biomechanics research to improve our understanding of human movement and to optimize training programs.

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Portable 1D Dual Force Plates
Portable 1D Dual Force Plates


Model of KWYP-FP6035-A2



The force platform finds its application in a wide range of fields, including sports science, biomechanics, and rehabilitation science. In sports science, it is used to measure the forces exerted on the athlete’s body during various movements, such as running, jumping, and throwing. Biomechanics researchers use it to understand the mechanics of standing and walking, evaluate gait abnormalities, and develop rehabilitation programs. In rehabilitation science, it is used to evaluate the balance and stability of patients with neurological disorders or musculoskeletal injuries. Moreover, the one-axis force platform is also used for engineering and robotics applications, such as the development of prosthetic devices and exoskeletons.


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