Small Range Square S Type Load Cell


  • The sensor has a compact design with a height of 19 mm, a length of 18 mm and a thickness of only 7.7 mm. Small size makes single-axis force sensors portable and easy to carry around, which is important when taking measurements in fieldwork or in tight spaces,can detect even the slightest of forces, making them beneficial for applications that require high sensitivity, such as micro-manufacturing.
  • The KWT1L16 is rated for 2x overload protection for tension and compression. This prevents sensor damage from direct inline overloads that could occur during the setup process or the occasional system overrange, and also protects the sensor from damage in the event of accidental overload. At the same time, it also reduces the risk of mechanical fracture and local yield of the sensor. Overload protection design ensures that the sensor does not exceed its maximum load limit, which can cause permanent damage or affect its accuracy.Overload protection design prevents force measurement systems from failure, which can cause accidents or harm users in industrial is also helps ensure the accuracy of the sensor, as it eliminates erroneous load readings caused by overloading.
  • High accuracy performance with less than 0.05% nonlinearity.have smaller errors associated with them. Hence, they can provide higher accuracy for measurements.
  • It has excellent thermal performance and provides reliable sensor performance in temperatures ranging from -10°C to 80°C. The excellent thermal performance allows you to use the sensor in various applications and environments.
  • Unparalleled quality and robust construction make the KWT1L16 extremely resilient and long-lasting. The sensor has been tested to +15 million fully reversing fatigue cycles without failure. It has also been designed with a very high level of intrinsic durability for higher system uptime and a significantly longer operational life.
  • KWT1L16 is made from aerospace-grade aluminum alloy, one of the best material options for load cells. It provides high strength, high hardness, and corrosion resistance over a wide temperature range. A special heat treatment process has been applied to the flexure to improve strength, fatigue properties and sensor performance. The aluminum construction for the 500 to 1000g capacities provides superior performance, resistance to a wide range of harsh environmental conditions, and an extremely long life span. 
  • Can be used in a variety of scenarios and environments. It most widely used in 3C process, for example, mobile phone dome force detection.
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Small Range Square S Type Load Cell
Small Range Square S Type Load Cell


Model of KWT1L16



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