Wide Range Six Dof Force Torque Sensor


Accurate force and torque measurements throughout all 6 axes are provided by KUNWEI 6-axis force torque sensors. When it comes to complex assembly, polishing, sanding, or deburring chores, this provides you perfect control. Additionally, our software offers force control, path recording, and other features. Our sensors are sized to work with the majority of industrial robot arms now in use. In addition to teach-in and crash detection, it may also be used for polishing, sanding, deburring, grinding, and assembling.

Designed to fit all major robot brands, Kunwei 6-axis force/torque sensor offers 6 degrees of force and torque measurement. This makes the 6-axis force/torque sensor perfect for complex sanding, deburring, or assembly operations, as it gives you precise control over your end-of-arm tooling’s applied force. The sensor is especially ideal for surface finishing tasks, because it ensures a constant speed and force is kept throughout the finishing. The constant force allows the finishing tool to follow the surface contours of the work piece, leading to a flawless result. Thus, by adding the 6-axis force/torque sensor into your production line, you will gain optimization and productivity advantages without compromising the quality of your solutions.



  • Build-in high precision embedded date acquisition and calculation system.
  • High overload suitable for force sense measurement of lang robot end-effector.
  • Martensitic Stainless steel , high overload, rigidity and sensitivity.
  • Suitable for collaborative robots, surgical robots, and service robots .
  • Six-axis joint calibration, fully suppress crosstolk.
  • Simplified single software system for complex tasks
  • Due to sensing capabilities, Due to sensing capabilities, it produces better quality faster 
  • Enable robots to carry out tasks that require the sensitivity and dexterity of the human hand,Enable the use of robotic arms in more production fields
  • Advanced force control,Keeps constant speed and force while moving
  • Esay to install graphical user interface, fast progamming ,You can start your application development within an hour.

Six-point force sensor / six-axis force sensor elastomer using a dedicated force structure, small size, high sensitivity, good rigidity, small inter-dimensional coupling, with mechanical overload protection function. It is used in remote control robot, robot surgery, robotic police research, finger force research, precision assembly, automatic grinding, contour tracking, two-hand coordination, zero force teaching and other operations, and has wide applications in machining, automotive and other industries.

All our force/torque sensors are compatible with robots Dobot, Han’s,Aubo ,JAKA,ELITE Robots, Because our products are compatible with the major robot brands, you can easily get started with maximizing utilization of your robots. If your robot is from another brand, that doesn’t mean our grippers won’t be compatible with it. Contact us to discuss which solution seems most feasible for you. Check out robot compatibility here.

Technical Excellence

At the heart of the Wide Range Six DoF Force Torque Sensor lies its unparalleled technical specifications, meticulously designed to cater to the most demanding measurement requirements. With its wide measurement range and high-resolution capabilities, this sensor transcends boundaries to capture forces and torques with unparalleled accuracy. The six degrees of freedom (DoF) enable comprehensive measurement in all directions, offering a holistic understanding of complex interactions. The sensor’s adaptive design ensures that it can be seamlessly integrated into various setups, providing a versatile solution for diverse applications.

Functionality Redefined

The Wide Range Six DoF Force Torque Sensor boasts a multifaceted functionality that unlocks new possibilities across industries. Whether employed in robotics, manufacturing, aerospace, or research, this sensor’s capabilities are boundless. Its ability to measure forces and torques along six distinct axes provides a comprehensive picture of the forces at play, offering invaluable insights into mechanical behavior. This functionality empowers engineers, researchers, and professionals to refine designs, optimize processes, and enhance performance with unprecedented precision.

Unrivaled Advantages

The advantages of the Wide Range Six DoF Force Torque Sensor extend far beyond its technical capabilities. One of its primary benefits lies in its adaptability to a wide array of environments. Whether utilized in controlled laboratory settings or rugged industrial conditions, this sensor consistently delivers accurate and reliable data, ensuring confident decision-making. Its streamlined integration process minimizes setup time, allowing users to focus on their core objectives rather than grappling with complex installation procedures.

Seamless Integration and Calibration

The integration of the Wide Range Six DoF Force Torque Sensor is designed to be intuitive and efficient. Its adaptive design allows it to be easily incorporated into existing setups without disrupting workflows. The sensor’s compatibility with a range of data acquisition systems and software platforms ensures a seamless data collection process. Moreover, its calibration process is meticulously executed to maintain the highest levels of accuracy over time. By adhering to stringent calibration standards, the sensor consistently provides reliable and precise measurements, regardless of the duration of use.

Expert Endorsement and Trusted Performance

Trusted by experts in academia, industry, and research, the Wide Range Six DoF Force Torque Sensor is celebrated for its unrivaled performance and precision. Esteemed professionals in fields such as robotics, engineering, and biomechanics rely on this sensor to provide accurate data that drives innovation and discovery. Their feedback serves as a testament to the sensor’s ability to consistently deliver on its promise of precise and dependable force and torque measurement.

Dedicated Technical Support

Understanding that precision is paramount, we stand by our commitment to provide exceptional technical support to our customers. Our team of experts is readily available to assist with inquiries, troubleshooting, and guidance. We understand the importance of a seamless experience with our product and are dedicated to ensuring that users have the resources they need to maximize the sensor’s potential.

Elevating Efficiency and Precision

The Wide Range Six DoF Force Torque Sensor embodies the culmination of cutting-edge engineering and unwavering dedication to precision. Its technical excellence, versatile functionality, and trusted performance converge to empower industries and researchers alike. By harnessing the sensor’s capabilities, professionals gain a competitive edge, unlocking new avenues of innovation, enhancing efficiency, and redefining precision in force and torque measurement. As industries evolve and challenges grow, the Wide Range Six DoF Force Torque Sensor remains a steadfast partner, offering the precision necessary to navigate the complex landscape of modern engineering and research.


Wide Range Six Dof Force Torque Sensor
Wide Range Six Dof Force Torque Sensor


Model of KWR116



Due to the high-quality performance of the six-axis force sensor, Kunwei has established good cooperative relations with many universities, research institutes, famous robot manufacturers and automatic production equipment manufacturers around the world.