Hollow Double Flanges Force Transducer


KWT1C80/130 series is a typical column double-flange load cell. It adopts the strain princple of column structure, which meets the requirement of hollow structure. And when it measures a larger load, there is a smaller displacement that suitable for dynamic measurement.
The load cell is made of 17-4PH stainless steel, and the shell of it is made of anodic aluminum oxide, which has a good protective effect on the electronic components inside the sensor.
It also has a wide range at 25kN-100kN can be choosen to meet different measruement requirements.

There are several advantages of using a double flange load cell:

1. High Accuracy: Double flange load cells provide high accuracy and precision in weighing applications. They are designed to measure the smallest of changes in weight and provide reliable readings.

2. Durability: These load cells are built to last and can withstand harsh environments, including extreme temperatures and heavy vibrations. They are made of high-quality materials that resist corrosion and wear.

3. Multiple Mounting Options: Double flange load cells can be mounted in various directions, which makes them suitable for a range of applications. They are easy to install and can be mounted vertically or horizontally, depending on the needs of the application.

4. High Capacity: These load cells have a high capacity range and can measure weights of up to several hundred tons. They are ideal for heavy-duty applications and can handle high loads with ease.

5. Cost-Effective: Compared to other load cell types, double flange load cells are a cost-effective solution. They provide accurate results and require minimal maintenance, which helps save on operational costs over time.


Hollow Double Flanges Force Transducer
Hollow Double Flanges Force Transducer


Type Mounting Hole A Mounting Hole B
A1 Quantity A2 B1 Quantity B2
KWT1C80-25K M6 4 45° M6 4 45°
KWT1C80-50K M6 8 45° M6 8 22.5°
KWT1C130-100K M8 8 45° M8 8 45°

Type Size
D1 D2 D3 D4 D5 D6 H1 H2 H3
KWT1C80-25K 80 47 39 68 53 63 14.5 5 60
KWT1C80-50K 80 47 42 68 53 64 14.5 5 76
KWT1C80-100K 130 80 76 115 94 104 16.5 5 100

Model of KWT1C80/130



Some of the applications of double flange load cells include:

1. Industrial weighing: Double flange load cells are commonly used in industrial applications such as weighing machines, hopper scales and silo weighing systems.

2. Force measurement: These load cells are suitable for measuring compressive or tensile forces, making them ideal for use in materials testing or in mechanical testing systems.

3. Automotive testing: Double flange load cells are often used in automotive testing applications such as crash testing or load testing of vehicle components.