Tension and Compression Load Cell



  • Anti-corrosion material design, filled with special materials, with protection grade up to IP68.
  • Bending moment compensation shall be carried out for special structural design, and the test results will not be affected when the sensor is loaded by transverse force.
  • Good anti-vibration characteristics.
  • Can be used for automobile, construction machinery and rail transit test bench.
  • It has good temperature adaptability and can work normally at – 10 ℃~80 ℃. The factory temperature compensation range of the sensor is 0 ℃~60 ℃.
  • It has high accuracy even in harsh measurement environment (such as large temperature gradient and parasitic mechanical influence).
  • The sensor can meet the test requirements of a wide range of sensors, with a range of 100kN~200kN.

Alloy Steel Pull Pressure Sensor With aviation connector
Alloy Steel Pull Pressure Sensor With aviation connector


Model of KWT1D156



        All industries managing bulk goods must control their stock as well as material flows in the manufacturing processes. This concerns the chemical, para-chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries, etc. All these industries must weigh their silos, hoppers, reactors, etc.

       Kunwei offers a complete range of weighing load cells corresponding to these applications. The capacities range from a few tens of kilograms to several hundred tonnes. The accuracy can reach 0.05%. They are designed to operate in the most severe environments from the point of view of corrosion resistance as well as protection against moisture.

       when inserted into the silo structure, converts it into a weighing load cell. Thus, for a marginal cost, this sensor makes it possible to know the weight of the goods stored with an accuracy of about 0.05%, if the installation conditions are correct (sufficient and homogeneous stress).