Pneumatic Force Control Device


  • Convenient integration of different manual grinding tools is possible.
  • The automatic control of the start and stop of the end tool can be realized. 
  • Suitable for grinding, polishing and deburring process of different materials and parts.
  • Provide a customized force-controlled grinding solution.
  • Suitable for a variety of industrial scenes: grinding, polishing, deburring, material removal, fragile handing, precision contact measurement and other scenes that require contact force control. 




The force control device is an innovative tool that has revolutionized industrial work environments. It is a versatile device that is capable of performing various tasks such as polishing, deburring, removing fragile items, transporting delicate objects, and precise contact measurements. The device is equipped with sensors that can detect and regulate the amount of force being applied to the workpiece, allowing for accurate and repeatable results.

One of the common applications of the force control device is in the field of polishing and deburring. The device is able to apply a consistent and stable force to the polishing pad, resulting in a superior finish. 

The force control device is also ideal for removing fragile items, such as electronic components or glass objects. By adjusting the amount of force applied, the device can safely grasp and transport these objects without causing damage. This is particularly useful in pharmaceutical or semiconductor industries where precision handling is crucial.

Another area where the force control device excels is in the measurement of contact force. The device is able to measure the force applied during assembly or testing, ensuring that the desired force is maintained throughout the process. This is particularly useful in the manufacturing of medical devices, where precise measurements are essential.

In conclusion, the force control device is a versatile tool that has a wide range of industrial applications. From polishing and deburring to delicate handling and precise measurements, this device is capable of performing various tasks with accuracy and repeatability. Its capabilities make it an indispensable tool in industries where force control is essential.