Portable 3D Dual Force Plates


  • Portable, fixed with screws, and accurate.
  • Single or dual block evaluation.
  • Performance trend curve view display.
  • With contrast function.
  • The supporting software has 20 built-in test modules that can generate test reports with one click.

3D Dual Force Plates ( 3 axis force plates) adopt an innovative technology aimed to measure forces and pressures during human motion. Here are some advantages of using force plates:

1. Accurate measurement: 3D Dual Force Plates provide precise and accurate data on the forces and pressures exerted during movement. This data can help detect errors in technique, identify potential injury risks, and improve overall performance.

2. Dynamic measurement: 3D Dual Force Plates can measure forces and pressures in three dimensions, providing a comprehensive understanding of a subject’s movement pattern. This dynamic measurement can help identify imbalances or areas of weakness.

3. Real-time feedback: The real-time feedback provided by 3D Dual Force Plates enables coaches and trainers to intervene and correct errors during movement. This can help reduce injury risk, improve performance, and optimize movement mechanics.

4. Versatile: 3D Dual Force Plates can be used for a wide range of applications, including sports performance training, biomechanical research, and clinical analysis. This versatility makes it an essential tool for anyone looking to enhance their understanding of human movement.

5. Non-invasive: 3D Dual Force Plates are non-invasive, meaning they do not require invasive procedures or surgery to collect data. This makes it a safe and efficient tool for monitoring movement patterns in a variety of populations, including athletes, elderly individuals, and patients with mobility limitations.

In summary, the use of 3 axis force plates offers numerous benefits for coaches, trainers, researchers, and clinicians. The precise and comprehensive data provided by this innovative technology can help improve movement mechanics, reduce injury risk, and optimize human performance.


Portable 3D Dual Force Plates
Portable 3D Dual Force Plates


Model of KWYP-FP6050-A2



The 3D Dual Force Plate is a highly advanced technology that is used in a variety of settings. It is often used in research and development, where it is used to measure and analyze the forces exerted on an object during movement. This technology is also commonly used in sports, helping athletes to improve their technique, prevent injury, and enhance performance. The 3 axis force plate is also useful in the medical field, where it is used for diagnostic and rehabilitation purposes. It can be used to assess balance, gait, and coordination in patients, as well as help to develop recovery plans after injury or surgery. Overall, the 3 axis force plate has a wide range of applications and is a valuable tool in many fields.