Spoke Round Threaded Load Cell



The KWT1D78 series is a tension and compression load cell in Kunwei Technology’s uniaxial force sensor product series. The sensor provides a variety of rated loads to choose from, from 500N to 10000N, and can meet the test requirements of high linearity and fast dynamic response. According to customer needs, the rated load of the sensor can also be designed.
The KWT1D78 series sensor is 23 mm in height and 78 mm in diameter, with a small and compact structure. It can adapt to the application scene without major redesign of the device during use. There is an M12×1.5 mounting threaded hole in the center of the sensor, and the circumference is evenly distributed 8 One countersunk screw hole, used to connect with the support surface, with convenient disassembly performance.
The main body of the sensor is made of aviation grade 17-4PH precipitation hardening stainless steel, which has high durability and reliability, and has the characteristics of high strength, high hardness and corrosion resistance in a wide temperature range.
The interior of the sensor adopts a spoke-type structure design, which is processed by a single alloy block, combined with Kunwei’s advanced production technology, to ensure that the sensor has excellent performance and anti-bias load capability.

The sensor outlet adopts a connector design to achieve quick insertion and removal of cables and sensors. At the same time, when the sensor cable is accidentally damaged, replacement can be completed without the need to replace or disassemble any system components of the sensor, thereby saving time and cost, improving the usability of the testing system, and reducing overall costs.
The KWT1D78 series is suitable for force testing in exercise equipment, weighing systems for material tanks and hoppers, and automated production line pressing systems.

Robust digital kunwei CE certified compression load cell produced in stainless steel and hermetically sealed to IP68 for hygienic weighing installations, installations in tough environments and general process weighing.

  • We support load and structure can be customized according to your needs.
  • Compact structure makes the load cell can be used in equipment without major redesign.
  • Having same threaded holes and screw holes as KWT1D78 (gland) series. 
  • The sensor can be easy and quick pluged with equipment’s cable . If cable is damaged , it is more easy to change , saving time and cost.
  • Its usage scene is the same as that of KWT1D78(gland) series.


Spoke Round Threaded Load Cell
Spoke Round Threaded Load Cell


Model of KWT1D78



  • Tank weighing
  • Process weighing
  • Big-bag equipment
  • Filling and dosing
  • Offshore
  • Level measurement
  • Platform scales
  • Hopper scales
  • Heavy duty applications
  • Belt scales