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Jointly organized by the Chinese Athletics Association, Beijing Sport University and Shanghai Institute of Physical Education, the “First National Track and Field Coach Training Innovation Seminar and the Second China International Track and Field (Short Span) Summit Forum” was held at From January 5th to 12th, it was grandly held at Shanghai Institute of Physical Education. Kunwei 기술 participated in the whole process as a sponsor to help China’s track and field cause.

Forum review

At the meeting on the first day, Chen Peijie, deputy secretary of the party committee and principal of Shanghai Institute of Physical Education. Zhang Jian, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and President of Beijing Sport University. Yu Hongchen, chairman of the Chinese Athletics Association. Du Zhaocai, deputy director of the State Sports General Administration, delivered speeches successively. They affirmed the significance of this meeting, and expressed their hope that this forum can build a higher communication platform for track and field training and scientific research personnel, and jointly make suggestions for the high-quality development of Chinese track and field, and play a demonstration role for the revitalization of sports through science and technology.

In the 5-day summit forum, 13 domestic and foreign experts and scholars in the field of track and field (short span) closely combined the latest training and technical concepts of sprint and hurdle events to interpret and share. The topics covered sprint mechanics, sprint improvement, and hurdle biomechanics, hurdle promotion, material selection and promotion, while combining theory with practice, a short-span special demonstration and guidance was carried out for the participants in the indoor training venue.

Dr. Ralph Mann gave practical explanations to athletes through the champion model. The running posture analysis was carried out on the key links such as starting, midway running, and long-distance hurdles (400-meter hurdles). At the same time, the training methods related to improving the stride length and stride frequency of athletes were shared, and the on-site personnel were involved to experience the training movements together.


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