The national standard “Testing Specification for Robot Multi axis Force and Torque Sensors” has been officially approved and released, with Kunwei Technology as the main editing company

Recently, the national standard GB/T 43199-2023 “Specification for Testing Multidimensional Force/Torque Sensors for Robots” formulated by Kunwei (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. as the main editing company has been approved and will be implemented on April 1, 2024. The standard is under the jurisdiction of the National Robotics Standardization Technical Committee.

In recent years, the intelligent trend of collaborative robots, industrial robots, and humanoid robots has driven the rapid development of force sensors (six axis force sensors). Robot force sensors belong to typical intelligent sensors, so the traditional detection methods and evaluation standards of analog multi-axis force sensors are no longer applicable.

At present, the detection methods and evaluation standards for robot force sensor products on the market are various and very imprecise and unscientific. Some still use the detection method of one dimensional force sensors to detect six axis force sensors (treating the six axis force sensors as six one-dimensional force sensors), which obviously cannot objectively evaluate the core technical indicators of the six dimensional force sensors, It is also not convenient for customers to select suitable products for their usage scenarios.

The official release of the national standard GB/T 43199-2023 “Specification for Testing Multidimensional Force/Torque Sensors for Robots” marks the standardization and normalization of the detection and evaluation of robot force sensors in China. This will promote the orderly development and reasonable competition of the robot force sensor industry, and make a contribution to China becoming a strong country in the intelligent robot industry.

Kunwei (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. has always been committed to providing professional force measurement solutions and related products for robots and other intelligent equipment, industrial engineering monitoring, product quality testing, scientific research testing and measurement, and other fields. With nearly 30 research and development personnel, Kunwei (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. actively carries out key core technology research and deeply cultivates the force sensor field and technology empowerment industry.

In the future, Kunwei 기술 will work with domestic and foreign experts with a more open and rigorous attitude to promote new developments in national standards and international standardization, increase the research and development efforts of international and domestic standards in the field of multi-dimensional force/torque sensors for robots, and fully leverage the role of high-quality standards in promoting high-quality development.


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