Hollow Spoke Round Compression Force Sensor



  • KWT1D55H is a typical bilayer washer load cell. The sensor body is made of high stength stainless steel.
  • Range and size of the load cell can be customzied according to your requirements.
  • This products is filled with special materials, which can absorb impact and vibration while ensuring the performance of the sensor, so as to make the cable and electronic components can not be fatigued and failed. The material can prevent external material invasion to make sure can be used longer.
  • KWT1D55H series is applied to non-standard automation equipment pull pressure perception, electric cylinder and electric push rod built-in force measurement.
  • The sensor elastomer is made of 17-4PH stainless steel; Adhesive sealing treatment, nickel plating on the surface, waterproof, anti-corrosion, and protection grade up to IP67&IP68.

Perforated axial load cell is a high-precision and high-stability force sensor, widely used in industrial automation testing, computer office, production lines, mechanical control, health care, and other fields. Its working principle is to convert the axial force into electrical signals for output to achieve the purpose of measuring the axial force. The sensor is made of stainless steel and has the advantages of compact structure, small size, high accuracy, and fast response, which can meet the application occasions of equipment force detection with limited space.

Sensors can measure force in locations where standard force sensors cannot be installed. Sensors with integrated cables (0.5 meters or 1 meter long) are an economical and effective way to perform pressure measurements.


Hollow Spoke Round Compression Force Sensor
Hollow Spoke Round Compression Force Sensor


Model of KWT1D55H



Small and Fast Load Washer:
When no other load washer can be installed in your application:Kunwei’s  load washers fit virtually anywhere due totheir minimal height of typically 14.7 millimeters. The ideal solution formachine monitoring (e.g. welding machines) and laboratoryexperiments.


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