Shear Beam Weight Sensor For Scale


  • The KWT1B123 load cell is developed based on strain technology, and the rated capacity is from 5kg to 500kg.
  • Usually used for platform scales or belt scales, combined with weighing modules can also be used for tank weighing. 
  • Metal bellows are used to protect the internal strain gauges and other electronic components of the sensor from moisture.
  • Made of stainless steel, the surface of the elastomer body is electrolytically polished, and the metal bellows is sealed.
  • It has good yaw loading and reverse loading ability.

A beam load cell is one of the most common categories of load cell, which is commonly found within the weighing industry and scale applications. It is also also known as single point load cell, bending beam load cell, platform load cell, or cantilever load cells. It is arguably the most common type of load cell in use today.

The working principle of beam load cells is quite simple: they act as cantilevers that slightly bend when subjected to load or force. Usually, beam load cells are mounted with one end fixed and the other end free, behaving like a “diving board”.

The bending beam load cell category offers slim designs with excellent endurance making them ideal for OEM applications. One clear advantage is the model’s miniature size, making it ideal for tight environments.

Kunwei Bending Beam Load Cell (or Cantilever Beam Load Cell) is utilized in Compression, the Bending Beam Load Cells can be used to measure force, surface pressure, and displacement for OEM Applications. Bending Beam Load Cell can be modified or customized to meet your requirements. The standard models are in our stock making them available for 24-hour shipping.

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Shear Beam Weight Sensor For Scale
Shear Beam Weight Sensor For Scale


Model of KWT1B123



A beam load cell is a type of sensor or transducer that is used to measure the force exerted on it when a load is applied. It is widely used in various industries and applications such as:

1. Industrial weighing systems: Beam load cells are widely used in industrial weighing systems such as weighing machines, tanks, and silos. They are used to measure the weight of objects and materials such as cement, grains, coal, and other industrial products.

2. Material testing: Beam load cells are used in material testing to measure the strength and durability of various materials such as steel, concrete, and plastics. They are used to measure the force required to break or deform these materials.

3. Construction: Beam load cells are used in the construction industry to measure the loads on structures such as bridges, dams, and buildings. They are used to monitor the structural integrity of these structures and detect any deformation or cracks.

4. Medical devices: Beam load cells are used in medical devices such as prosthetics and orthotics. They are used to measure the force and pressure exerted by these devices on the body.

Double Ended Shear Beam Weight Sensor For Scale

Precision Engineering at its Core

    At the heart of the Double Ended Shear Beam Weight Sensor For Scale lies a precision-engineered design that guarantees accurate weight measurement. The sensor employs the fundamental principle of shear stress, where a load applied parallel to a surface generates deformation. Strain gauges, meticulously positioned, detect this deformation and translate it into an electrical signal. This design ensures that even subtle changes in weight are captured with remarkable accuracy, making it an ideal choice for applications requiring precision.

    Versatile Functionality

      The Double Ended Shear Beam Weight Sensor For Scale is designed to cater to a wide spectrum of applications. From warehouse logistics where cargo weight verification is crucial, to manufacturing processes demanding consistent quality control, this sensor excels across various industries. Its multi-axis capability enables it to accurately measure forces in different directions, providing a comprehensive understanding of weight distribution and load dynamics. Whether it’s in food processing, construction, healthcare, or waste management, this sensor adapts seamlessly to different scenarios.

      Robust Construction for Durability

        Reliability is paramount in industrial settings, and the Double Ended Shear Beam Weight Sensor For Scale delivers on that front. Constructed with durability in mind, it is engineered to withstand harsh environmental conditions, mechanical stress, and corrosive substances. This robust construction ensures consistent performance over extended usage periods, reducing downtime and maintenance costs. Its ability to maintain accuracy and stability even in challenging environments guarantees a reliable weight measurement solution that stands the test of time.

        Seamless Integration and Accuracy

          Integration is a critical factor in optimizing the value of any measurement solution, and the Double Ended Shear Beam Weight Sensor For Scale is designed with seamless integration in mind. Equipped with standardized communication interfaces, it easily integrates into existing systems, minimizing setup time and potential errors. The sensor’s ability to transmit accurate data in real time ensures that weight measurements are always up-to-date, contributing to informed decision-making and process optimization

          Calibration and Unwavering Accuracy

            Maintaining accuracy over time is of paramount importance, and the Double Ended Shear Beam Weight Sensor For Scale excels in this aspect. Proper calibration is fundamental to achieving consistent and accurate weight readings. Through a meticulous calibration process, the sensor’s output is aligned with known weights, establishing a linear relationship. This calibration compensates for any variations that might affect accuracy, ensuring that the sensor delivers precise measurements consistently.

            Advantages for Industries

              The Double Ended Shear Beam Weight Sensor For Scale offers a host of advantages across industries. In logistics and transportation, it ensures compliance with weight regulations, preventing overloading and promoting road safety. In manufacturing, it contributes to quality control by enabling precise measurement of raw materials and finished products. In agriculture, food processing, and construction, the sensor optimizes efficiency by providing accurate weight data for portioning, packaging, and equipment safety.

              In the healthcare sector, the sensor aids in accurate patient care through precise weight measurement in medical equipment. In waste management and recycling, it enhances operational efficiency by accurately measuring waste loads and optimizing disposal processes. These advantages collectively make the Double Ended Shear Beam Weight Sensor For Scale an invaluable tool for industries that depend on accurate weight measurements for safety, efficiency, and quality.

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