10kg 30kg 40kg High Quality Black Alclad Load Cell


What is weighing sensor:

The load cell sensor converts pressure or mechanical force into measurable electrical signals. Weighing sensors have a variety of variants, their size, shape and working principle are different. Weighing sensors are commonly used in home and industrial applications. Some applications of weighing sensors in China include personal weighing machines, kitchen scales, bathroom scales, pallet scales and luggage weighing machines. Some industrial applications of weighing sensors include geotechnical engineering equipment, medical equipment, belt scales, hopper scales, track scales, and vehicle weighing machines.

The size, shape, application and working principle of weighing sensors are very different. Weighing sensor can be specific atmosphere hydraulic weighing sensor, pneumatic weighing sensor, strain gauge weighing sensor.

  • The built-in embedded acquisition system in the main body of the KWT1D60 processes the voltage signal of the strain gauge in real time, converts it into the actual load value, and digitally transmits it. KWT1D60 uses the principle of resistance strain to ensure that the load cell can measure high accuracy force values, and ensures the performance of the load cell more stable.
  • The direction that KWT1D60 can measure is tension and compression.
  • Its structure is similar with KWT1D63, also can be applied to massage robots, medical diagnosis and treatment equipment, scientific research testing and other fields.
  • Its upper and lower mounting interfaces are screw thread, what is also can be customized according to your needs.
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10kg 30kg 40kg High Quality Black Alclad Load Cell
10kg 30kg 40kg High Quality Black Alclad Load Cell


Model of KWT1D60