Mounted Force Platform



  • The force platform is composed of a strain type load sensor with precise design, which can accurately measure six components : three orthogonal components Fx, Fy, Fz of the resultant force and three components Mx, My, Mz of the resultant moment in the same orthogonal coordinate system, and the pressure center Copx and Copy can be calculated by the measured force and moment components.
  • The measurement range of this series is 10 KN. It can measure various force with consistent accuracy, and intercept the maximum peak force with maximum resolution.
  • Simple structure, convenient installation. Waterproof and dustproof structure.
  • Static measurement and dynamic measurement can be carried out.
  • If our standard models do not meet your requirements, we can provide you with private customization to meet all your needs, such as load range, size, waterproof, etc.

Structural Installation

In order to obtain accurate test data during use, suitable installation should be carried out according to the type of test. In order to obtain the minimum amplitude of vibration, the floor and structure selected for installation should be as robust as possible. The force platform is very sensitive and captures any vibrations originating from the support structure. If the installation structure of the force flatform is weak, the internal vibration between the force flatform and the installation structure will cause the natural frequency to drop.

In addition, the flatness of the mounting surface should also be considered. For effective use, the surface of the force flatform should be at the same level as the rest of the ground. Before installing the force flatform, making a mounting pit is needed, or make the horizontal surface of the force platform as high as the level of the trail where the person walks. When installing the force platform, be sure to leave enough space for the output cable and ensure that the force platform does not touch the surrounding structure to avoid measurement errors.

Software Instruction

Kunwei biomechanical data acquisition and analysis software is a proprietary software supporting Kunwei force platform products for data acquisition and analysis. The software has three levels of users: administrators, coaches and athletes, and users at different levels can manage software data to different degrees. The software collects the data information of the force plateform and automatically analyzes it to obtain the technical indicators of the corresponding action. The software can also generate information such as indicator reports for multiple actions.

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Mounted Force Platform
Mounted Force Platform


Model of KWYB-F9060-10K