Portable Load Cell Scale Sensor


  • The KWT1B90 is a high accuracy shear beam load cell, the sensor elastic body with shear or curved cantilever beam structure, one end fixed, a section of force, low profile, high structural strength, can be used for a variety of tensile force and pressure load and measurement. It has characteristics of dust seal, wide range, high precision, stable and reliable performance, easy installation and so on. Available in capacities from 100kg to 400kg.
  • The sensor is made of aviation grade duralumin alloy with high strength and lightweight, which meets the needs of most scientific research institutions. The sensor supports 5V to 12V power supply, and the output signal is a millivolt analog signal. The cable length can be customized according to customer requirements.
  • Be suitable for the fields of Hopper and tank weighing, belt scales, and other Chemical, Industries of Foods, Pharmaceuticals, which has huge important on weighing and control.
  • The advantages of the cantilever beam weighing sensor are mainly reflected in the convenient installation, and the two installation holes can be easily fixed on the base or the weighing platform. Easy maintenance and replacement. Its ability to resist eccentric load also has outstanding performance among many types of sensors. Its pressure-bearing accessories have a universal joint that can accurately force in all directions.

Cantilever beam style sensors made of small-sized aluminum alloy materials have numerous advantages:

Firstly, the small size of the material makes the sensor very lightweight and easy to handle. This makes it ideal for use in portable or handheld devices which require an accurate and reliable reading of the forces or strains being measured.

Secondly, the use of aluminum alloy material ensures high levels of durability and stability. It is well-known for its excellent strength-to-weight ratio, making it a suitable material for high-precision applications.

Thirdly, the cantilever beam design of the sensor allows for a high sensitivity to external forces or strains, making it a perfect choice for applications such as force measurement, pressure sensing, and strain analysis.

Additionally, the sensor’s small size and slim profile make it ideal for use in confined spaces where a larger sensor would not be able to fit.

In conclusion, using a small-sized aluminum alloy material for the cantilever beam style sensor provides many benefits, including ease of handling and durability, high sensitivity, and suitability for use in confined spaces.

Portable Load Cell Scale Sensor
Portable Load Cell Scale Sensor


Model of KWT1B90



In the field of biomedical engineering, miniature sensors are used to measure the pressure inside the human body, which helps in the diagnosis and monitoring of certain diseases. These sensors are inserted into catheters or other medical devices to measure pressures and diagnose conditions in real-time.

The sensors are also used in robotics and automation, where they can detect changes in pressure or force, helping robots adjust their movements or grip force accordingly. This allows for precision in manufacturing processes, such as assembling tiny parts like microchips or electronic components.

Overall, the small-sized aluminum alloy cantilever beam type sensors have a wide range of applications in various industries, thanks to their accurate and sensitive measurement capabilities in tiny spaces.