We Have Obtained the Explosion-proof Qualification Certificate of KWR75 Series

Recently, the KWR75 series of six axis force sensors independently developed by Kunwei Technology have successfully passed the NEPSI testing and obtained the explosion-proof qualification certificate. This marks a new level for Kunwei Technology in mastering independent core technologies, product research and development design, and standardization.


What is the NEPSI ?

NEPSI is an international explosion-proof laboratory recognized by the IECEx system of the International Electrotechnical Commission. It is a national safety production Shanghai explosion-proof electrical testing and inspection center authorized by the State Administration of Work Safety (Class A qualification for national safety production testing and inspection), and an explosion-proof instrument workstation of the explosion-proof electrical equipment review department of the National Industrial Product Production License Office established with the approval of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ).

The explosion-proof certification process in China is very strict, requiring comprehensive testing and evaluation of product performance, safety, and environmental adaptability. At the same time, there are strict requirements for the manufacturing process of products and the quality assurance capability of enterprises. At present, the explosion-proof certification standard obtained by Kunwei KWR75 series six dimensional force sensors is basically equivalent to the international IEC60079 standard system.


KWR75 series explosion-proof six axis force sensor

The KWR75 series six axis force sensor is a highly integrated multi-axis force sensor with built-in high-precision embedded intelligent circuits, which can measure and output forces and moments in three orthogonal directions in real-time. The product matches the end of most collaborative robots in the market.


Product Features:

  • Six axis joint calibration, fully suppressing crosstalk
  • Built-in high-precision embedded data acquisition and calculation system
  • Adopting aviation alloy, high overload, combining high rigidity and high sensitivity

Application Scenairos:

The KWR75 series six axis force sensor can meet the needs of most collaborative robots and small industrial robots. Easy to install and operate, it has been widely applied in various fields such as drag teaching, automated testing, medical testing, safety protection, automotive testing, 3C testing, cutting and polishing, etc., with excellent reliability and stability.


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At present, Kunwei Technology has been approved as a high-tech enterprise and has been approved as the Changzhou Robot Six axis Force Sensor Calibration Engineering Technology Research Center. Our company will continue to focus on deepening the field of sensors, breaking through key core technologies, optimizing product performance, promoting the transformation of innovative achievements, continuously enhancing the core competitiveness and brand influence of the enterprise, and making more contributions to accelerating the realization of high-level technological self-reliance and self-improvement.

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