Wide Range 2ton 3ton 5ton Weighing Sensor



  • It is a tension and compression force sensor in the Kunwei Technology single axis force sensor product series .
  • Having solid structure. Even under the full range load, the sensor deformation is ≤ 0.02mm.The sensor body is made of 17-4PH stainless steel, and the upper and lower cover plates are 304 stainless steel mirror panels. 
  • Can used in lots of different working scenarios ,and facilitate installation and disassembly.The KWT1D118 series sensor has a height of 37 millimeters and a diameter of 118 millimeters. On the outer wheel hub, eight 6.6mm diameter screws are evenly distributed along the circumference to install countersunk holes, meeting most application scenarios and providing convenient and fast disassembly and assembly. M24 left on the inner wheel hub × 1.5 Fine thread through-hole, easy to load or connect with the test structural join. 
  • Having high precision, which is ≤ 0.05% nonlinearity, ≤ 0.05% hysteresis, ≤ 0.05% repeatability, creep ≤ 0.03% FS/30min. 
  • Due to the special materials filled inside, the product has good environmental adaptability.which not only does not affect the testing performance of the sensor, but also provides sufficient protection for internal electronic components, increasing the environmental adaptability of the sensor and improving its service life. 
  • KWT1D118 adopts metal foil strain technology and special curing process, combined with the special structural design of the sensor, resulting in a fatigue life of 15 million times.
  • The sensor outlet adopts a connector design to achieve quick insertion and removal of cables and sensors. At the same time, when the sensor cable is accidentally damaged, replacement can be completed without the need to replace or disassemble any system components of the sensor, thereby saving time and cost, improving the usability of the testing system, and reducing overall costs.

This product is suitable for measuring force more accurately in the field of automated tension and pressure testing equipment such as belt scales, hopper scales, electromechanical combination scales, universal material testing machine hook scales, forklift scales, material tank scales, and quantitative feeders.

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Wide Range 2ton 3ton 5ton Weighing Sensor
Wide Range 2ton 3ton 5ton Weighing Sensor


Model of KWT1D118



Load cell can be used in lots of applications , like Automated sorting and weight inspection,Industrialized automatic filling,Bin weighing,Tank batching,Automated lifting equipment and so on. 
Intelligent glue tank weighing solution ( for example), it can solve the problem that worker can’t clearly know how many items are in the high concentration and can’t move smoothly, and he can’t go up to the top of the tank to see. with our load cell, you can fully grasp the surplus of the items at any time in the control room.


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