Stainless Steel High Quality Industrial Load Cell



KWT1D80H series is an annular symmertical force sensor, which adopts a hollow annular double -spoke struture ,and the accuracy of the product measurement is high. The upper and lower end faces have a common thread interface, which makes the installation is simple and fast that you can finish the mounting in a few minutes, it is an ideal choice for production and monitoring applications. The KWT1D80H series sensor adopts a special structural design, and can meet the measurement of tension and compression forces, and this structural design makes the lateral force has high stability.

  • a kind of typical double flange connection force sensor.
  • The load cell size of double flange can meet different use scence. 
  • The force sensor can be assemblied rapidly during the prodution,monitoring and testing tasks.
  • The spoke structure design of the sensor internal, which makes the deformation of the load cell is small on the rated load. 
  • The KWT1D80H series has a certain bending moment resistance and can resist lateral impact, these are due to the special support structure of the sensor. 
  • The middle hole of KWT1D80H series sensor is convenient for the transmission and other key structures to pass through. 
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Stainless Steel High Quality Industrial Load Cell
Stainless Steel High Quality Industrial Load Cell


Model of KWT1D80H



Widely used in belt scales, hopper scales, storage scales, material tanks, material mechanics testing machines, labor safety testing equipment, etc
Kunwei can provide electrometric intelligent packaging assembly line weighing solution system:
In the food industry: Don’t need to arrange personnel to check whether the packaged products are loaded more or less. The weighing system can check whether the weight is within a reasonable range at any time. If it exceeds the range, it will give an alarm. In the production and packaging process of foods with relatively small errors such as potato chips, seaweed, and biscuits. This can increase the weight inspection pass rate of the product.
Especially for puzzle manufacturers, as they are paper products, the weight of each piece is very light. When a product is missing one or two pieces, it is not easy to detect them during packaging. When a missing product is sent out, it can easily lead to customer complaints, which is also a pain point for puzzle manufacturers. We suggest matching this type of weighing sensor on the assembly line to ensure that no piece of puzzle is lost before shipment.
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