Kunwei Tech gewann die jährlichen GG-Robot Golden Ball Technical Awards

On December 23rd, the 9th GG-Robot Year-end Party, also Golden Ball Awards Ceremony exclusively title is official held at the Hyatt Regency Shenzhen Airport. Kunwei Technology, as a leading company of robot force sensor products, was invited to attend the Year-end Party, and won the GG-Robot Golden Ball Annual Technical Awards.

Kunwei CTO Speech About The Application of F/T Sensor

Yuan Minglun, as a CTO of Kunwei Technology,made a speech about the application of Six Axis Force/Torque Sensor. In his view, the transducer technology involves many fields, for example:

  • Robot force sensor is the key component of second and third generation robots.
  • In the field of high-end machine tool, the transducer can be used for machine cutting force monitoring and position hybrid control.
  • Six-axis platform is suitable for shipbuilding, biomechanics, etc.
  • This technology can also be extended to multi-dimensional force sensors for automative testing, non-standard sutomatic force measuring components, etc.

On the round table of frontier technology special performance, Kunwei CTO Yuan Minglun discussed the topics of “three key technologies of flexible intelligent manufacturing” and “the direction and path of technological upgrading” with the guests.

Releasing The 2022 Blue Book On Industry Development

On December 14th, the”2022 Blue Book On Collaborative Robot Industry Development” was officially released, which is complied by GG-ROBOT, ELITE ROBOT, Hans Robot, SINSUN, HITBOT and ROKAE.

The six-axis force sensor enterprises represented by Kunwei Technology also establish a good ecological cooperation relationship with collaborative robot enterprises, which forms efficient cooperation.

Kunwei Technology was founded in 2018. We focus on providing professional force measurement solutions and related products to some fields, such as robot and other intelligent equipment, industrial process monitoring, product quality testing, scientific testing and other fields. The six-axis force sensor for robots is the core product of Kunwei Technology.

Application scenarios demonstration

Kunwei force torque sensor can be used to measure the force on the wrist of the robot in real time and realize the active force output control, which is equivalent to the sensorynerve of human beings. The transducer will play a particulary important role in high complexity work, restrictive work and coordination work, which can not only improve the flexibility of enterprise production, but also greatly reduce the cost of robot reprogramming caused by replacing the production line. In the application of curved surface grinding based on Kunwei F/T sensor, can ensure the constant positive pressure and grinding force, and the complex surface grinding path can be adaptive by force feedback, which avoids the tedious work of surface path programming.

Kunwei KWR75B equipped with DOBOT CR5

Combined with high precission force control algorithm, Kunwei has carried out in-depth cooperation with famous domestic collaborative robot manufactures, such as JAKA, AUBO, Realman, DOBOT, Hans Robot and so on. Our products has been widely used in anti-collision safety monitoring, automatic assembly line, force controlled cutting and grinding, dragging teaching, precision assembly and other fields, which greatly improves the safety, usability and flexibility of coorperative robots.


Win The GG-Robot Golden Awards

The GG-Robot Golden Ball Awards was born for 9 years since 2014. During the period, it won the high praise of colleagues in the industry with good reputation and uphold the principle of fairness and justice, and it was praised as”Robot Industry Oscar”.

In the future, we will continue to strive for excellence in products and help the new era of flexible intelligent manufacturing!


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