Alloy Steel Torque Sensor 108Nm


  • Support RS485 communication protocol.
  • High quality of KWR70N108 material, aviation grade 17-4PH.
  • The size and range support customization to meet your demands.
  • Combined with Kunwei’s advanced production process, it ensures that the sensor has excellent performance and anti bias load capacity。
  • It is suitable for most test environments and industrial uses, mechanical arm joint base, robot joints, etc.

Alloy Steel Torque Sensors are crucial tools used in various industrial and automotive applications to measure the torque and rotational force of machinery and engines. The sensors are designed with advanced technology that eliminates the need for frequent recalibration and provides accurate readings. Compared to conventional load cells, Alloy Steel Torque Sensors offer several advantages that make them the preferred choice for many industries.

1. High Accuracy
Alloy Steel Torque Sensors provide highly accurate readings with a resolution of up to 0.1%. Their high precision and repeatability ensure that measurements taken are reliable, eliminating any chances of machine downtime and reducing the cost of maintenance.

2. Wide Range of Applications
Alloy Steel Torque Sensors are used in a variety of applications, making them versatile tools. Their ability to measure torque in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions makes them useful for different types of machinery, including those in harsh environments.

3. Durability
Alloy Steel Torque Sensors are made of high-strength materials that ensure durability, even in tough operating conditions. They are designed to withstand high torsional loads and have high overload capacity, which makes them ideal for harsh environments with high vibration and shock loads.

4. Easy Installation
Alloy Steel Torque Sensors are easy to install and do not require external power sources or wiring. They are designed with a simple, plug-and-play installation process, which reduces the cost and time required for installation.

5. Low Maintenance
Alloy Steel Torque Sensors require minimal maintenance, making them a cost-effective solution for measuring torque. Their robust construction and advanced technology eliminate the need for frequent recalibration, saving time and reducing maintenance costs.

6. Efficiency
Alloy Steel Torque Sensors help increase the efficiency of machinery by providing accurate and reliable torque measurements. This helps operators identify any abnormalities in the equipment early, which can be rectified before they cause significant damage.

7. Cost-Effective
Alloy Steel Torque Sensors are cost-effective compared to other measuring devices. They provide high accuracy readings and require minimal maintenance and recalibration, which reduces operating and maintenance costs.

In conclusion, Alloy Steel Torque Sensors are highly beneficial tools that offer several advantages, including high accuracy, versatility, durability, easy installation, low maintenance, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Their advanced technology and robust construction make them ideal for use in various industrial and automotive applications, providing reliable and accurate torque measurements.

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Alloy Steel Torque Sensor 108Nm
Alloy Steel Torque Sensor 108Nm

Model of KWR70N108



Alloy steel torque sensors have various applications across different industries. In the automotive industry, these sensors are used in engine dynamometers to measure the torque output of engines during testing and development. The sensors are also used in wheel torque sensors to measure the amount of torque transmitted from the engine to the wheels.

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