Des produits

Changzhou Kunwei Sensing Technology Co., Ltd. is a pioneering force in precision measurement solutions. Kunwei innovative product lineup encompasses Multi-Axis Force Torque Sensors, indispensable for intricate force and torque evaluations across various dimensions. The Robot Torque Sensors optimize robotic systems with precision and safety at the forefront. For heavy-duty force monitoring, Alloy Steel Bridge Type Load Cells ensure enduring accuracy in force measurements.

In biomechanics, the Portable Double 3 Axis Force Plate offers flexibility in high-precision force assessment, catering to movement analysis and sports sciences. The Electric Cylinders and Pneumatic Force Control Devices deliver controlled force manipulation in diverse applications. Kunwei’s Instruments harmonize these technologies, simplifying integration and operation.

With unwavering commitment, Changzhou Kunwei Sensing Technology Co., Ltd. empowers industries with comprehensive solutions, driving the evolution of force and torque measurement and control.

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