Alloy Steel Bridge Type Load Cell


  • KWT1B140 tension sensor adopts a special structure design, which is different from the general tension sensor. It doesn’t require on-site calibration, which avoids the error of the sensor and greatly improves the efficiency and conbenience of the sensor in use.
  • KWT1B140 series is made of strength alloy steel, which increases the ultimate strength of the destructive force that the sensor can withstand.
  • KWT1B140 is equipped with a dedicated wireless acquisition moduel, which can meet the long-term use of the sensor outdoors with low power consumption design. 
  • Analog amplier or digital acquisition moduel can be choosen.

Our force sensor is a high-precision device designed for tension testing in various scenarios, including fiber optic yarns, synthetic fibers, metal wires, steel cables, electrical wires, and cables. This sensor is capable of measuring a wide range of forces, from tens of grams up to several tons, with an accuracy and repeatability of ±0.5%.

Built using advanced strain gauges, this force sensor features a compact and robust design that allows it to operate seamlessly even in harsh environments. Its stainless steel construction not only makes it resistant to corrosion but also enhances its precision and durability. With an IP67 rating, this force sensor is also dust and waterproof, ensuring that it can withstand any challenges in the testing environment.

Our force sensor’s compatibility with a wide range of instrumentation systems makes it easy to integrate into your setup. It is compatible with both analog and digital systems and comes with a range of mounting options to help you achieve high-precision force measurements.

This force sensor is ideal for use in manufacturing, laboratory testing, and research and development applications. With its versatility, accuracy, and robustness, this force sensor is the perfect choice for any tension testing scenario.

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Alloy Steel Bridge Type Load Cell
Alloy Steel Bridge Type Load Cell


Model of KWT1B140



Steel wire rope tension sensors are widely used in various industries, such as construction, marine, and transportation. The sensors are designed to measure the tension force of the steel wire rope, which helps to ensure the safety and efficiency of the operation.

One of the main benefits of using steel wire rope tension sensors is that they provide accurate and reliable data about the tension force. This information can be used to control the load and prevent overloading, which can damage equipment and cause accidents. Additionally, the sensors can provide real-time feedback to operators, allowing them to make adjustments as needed.

Another advantage of using steel wire rope tension sensors is that they help to improve productivity and reduce downtime. By monitoring the tension force, operators can detect any potential issues before they become major problems, which helps to minimize downtime and increase efficiency.

Furthermore, the sensors can be integrated with other systems, such as alarms and control panels, to provide a comprehensive solution for monitoring and controlling the operation. This can help to further improve safety, reduce costs, and increase productivity.

In summary, steel wire rope tension sensors are essential tools for improving safety, efficiency, and productivity in various industries. They provide accurate and reliable data, help to prevent accidents and downtime, and can be integrated with other systems for a comprehensive solution.

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