150mm 6D Force Sensor for Industrial Applications



The KWR150 series is a remarkable six-axis force sensor that is embedded with high-flexural resistance and has a broad measuring range. With its exceptional bending resistance, it has a high overload tolerance. The body of the sensor is made using high-strength alloy steel, allowing it to meet high rigidity and strength requirements. This product has a built-in high-accuracy signal acquisition system, which has exceptional algorithmic decoupling capabilities. It can instantly gather load and decouple data, and produce high-precision and high-accuracy measurement values.

The KWR150 series is a perfect example of technological innovation, as it offers advanced sensing capabilities with high accuracy and excellent durability. It is designed to meet the needs of industries that demand high-force measurements with extreme accuracy and precision. This product has various applications across multiple industries, including manufacturing and robotics.

One of the significant advantages of the KWR150 series is its exceptional flexural resistance. The sensor’s high-strength alloy steel body enables it to withstand harsh environments. Its immune to bending stresses, making it a perfect solution for locations that require high resistance against bending forces.

Moreover, the KWR150 series has a high overload tolerance. This feature allows it to function correctly even when subjected to high-force measurements, which often results in sensor failure in most sensors. This product’s ability to maintain stability even when subjected to extreme forces is a testament to its durability.

In conclusion, the KWR150 series is a remarkable sensor with excellent capabilities. Its exceptional accuracy, durability, and high strength make it the perfect solution for various industrial applications. The benefits that this product offers far outweigh its costs, making it a worthwhile investment. We can’t wait to see how this technology will change the industry overall.

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150mm 6D Force Sensor for Industrial Applications
150mm 6D Force Sensor for Industrial Applications


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