Hollow Column Weighing Sensor



  • KWT1D100H series is a typical double-layer flange connection force sensor in Kunwei force sensor product series. Its upper flange and lower flange adopt the market standard size. Different from the design method of adapter flange, KWT1D100H series sensors adopt integrated design, which can meet the requirements of high-precision measurement and personalized measurement of customers.
  • The KWT1D100H series sensor has a diameter of 100 mm and a maximum vertical space size of 32 mm. The sensor center has a through hole with a diameter of 60 mm. There are two flange mounting faces on the top and bottom, and eight threaded mounting holes are evenly distributed 360 ° circumferential on the two mounting surfaces, so as to meet the requirements of rapid equipment and safe operation. The sensor body is made of aviation grade 17-4PH stainless steel, which has high strength, high hardness and corrosion resistance in a wide temperature range.
  • The sensor is internally designed with a spoke structure, which makes the sensor have sufficient rigidity. Within the rated load range, the deformation is small (≤ 0.02mm), meeting the needs of fast and accurate measurement.
  • This series sensor has special support structure, which can resist lateral impact and has certain bending moment resistance.
  • It has 150% mechanical overload protection, which can avoid damage to the sensor when the system occasionally exceeds the range during setting, installation and use.
  • This series sensors have excellent vibration and impact resistance characteristics, and are usually used for the integrated design of non-standard automatic production lines, presses, electric cylinders and electric push rods.
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25N 50N 100N Hollow Column Weighing Sensor
25N 50N 100N Hollow Column Weighing Sensor


Model of KWT1D100H



Our load cell can be used in different applications, such as: Equipment engineering,Automotive industry,Measuring and control devices,Fully automated maching centres,Tool engineering ,Specical mechanical engineering and so on .

For example : The automotive industry uses many force transducers and torque meters in the development of vehicles, during inspections in progress and at the end of the manufacturing process, as well as in the equipment used in technical control centres. Kunwei is regularly asked for assistance by this sector. The first example is a load cell which is intended to be mounted on the brake pedal. A wheel allows for fast and easy attachment.The second one is intended to be fixed on the lever of the handbrake. Its simple design allows for easy fixing by means of a specific accessory.

Our load cells are also used in a wide variety of applications in the automotive industry including:

Test benches for clutches
Fatigue tests
Crash tests
Shock absorber controls
Control of the efficiency of safety systems (electric windows)
Triaxial force measurements on coupling
Force measurements on seat belts and so on 



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