50N 100N 150N High Precision Weighing Sensor


  • KWT1S55 is a high-precision uniaxial force sensor with overload protection. The comprehensive precision is better than 0.15%FS.
  • This sensor has an built-in overload protection structure, which prevents internal overload and connection breakage within a certain load range after overload, greatly improving safety and reliability during industrial use. KWT1S55 can withstand 200%FS overload without destroying the its performance and structure. Under the limit load of 300%FS, its structure will not be damaged, but the precision of the measurement will be affected.
  • The product is designed with aviation connectors, making more use of practical operations during installation and use. Its installation simplicity, ease of use, and reliability have received satisfactory responses from existing customers during their use.
  • It is a kind of column cylinder force sensor with the plane loading method, the characteristics of the sensor are: small deformation, convenient installation, high dynamic response frequceny. 
  • It can be removed and replaced with a tensile and compressive loading head (customized by customers) to meet the needs of different industrial environments, such as 3C product testing, automobile pressing, automobile assembly force value datection, tension pressure detection and control, etc.
  • The main body of this series sensor outputs analog signal, for example, 0.5mV/V, 1.0mV/V, 1.5mV/V, 2.0mV/V. If you need digital output or Ethernet output or others, we can configure corresponding signal processing box for you according to your communication needs. The analog signal amplifier is used to amplify the millivolt analog signal to 0~5V, 0~10V, 4~20mA, ±10V. We can also provide signal acquisition moduel to convert the analog signal to digital signal or Industrial Ethernet or USB.
  • The measurable range of this KWT1S55 is 5kg, 10kg and 15kg, if you are interested in this kind of series product, but the range of this sensor cannot meet your demand, we could customize the range  you need for you without changing the structure.

50N 100N 150N High Precision Weighing Sensor
50N 100N 150N High Precision Weighing Sensor


Model of KWT1S55



The single-axis force sensors of our company can be divided into tension and compression sensors, tension sensors, shear beam weighing sensor, column weighing sensor, signle point weighing sensor, S type weighing sensor, spoke force sensor and so on.
According to different application scenarios, you can select the corresponding force sensor.
The signle point weighing sensors, usally used in industrial weighing system, testing machine, other weighing instruments, etc.
The spoke force sensor, usally used in industrial equipment weighing system, testing machine, product pressing test, automobile weighing instrument, hopper weighing, etc.
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