Wide Range 10ton 20ton Compression Load Cell


  • KWT1D42H is a force sensor that detects a wide range of pressure, which is very suitable for measuring large loads in a small space.
  • It is internally coated with electric gel, which can absorb shock and vibration, and ensure that the wires connected inside will not fail. The coating also provides a certain degree of protection for the sensor. 
  • It has a through-hole with an inner hub to allow the connection of loads. There is also a hub on the bottom base to support the unit. Generally, bolts or any other parts are connected to the load, which can go through the central hole.

The kind of application that would need a load cell that is capable of measuring large loads in a small space would be applications involving industrial machinery or robotic systems. These applications need to be highly accurate, reliable, and durable to withstand heavy loads and harsh environments. Load cells used in these applications must have a high capacity and be specifically designed to fit into small spaces, with a low profile and built-in protection against overloading and shock. They may also require customized mounting and cabling solutions to fit into tight spaces and work with the existing control systems.

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High Quality Wide Range 10t 20t Force Sensor
High Quality Wide Range 10t 20t Force Sensor


Model of KWT1D42H



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